Bucks: 3 trade packages to bring Chris Paul to Milwaukee

Chris Paul, Thunder

3. Middleton and Lopez

Bucks Receive: Chris Paul

Thunder Receive: Khris Middleton, Robin Lopez, Future First-Round Pick

Middleton is being paid like a certified second fiddle to Antetokounmpo, but he does not assert himself consistently. Robin Lopez gets the edge over his brother Brook, with less commitment for Oklahoma City to take on as they try to avoid adding expensive veterans. He’ll have to pick up his player option for next year though, then he can be moved.

A future first-round draft pick is probably a prerequisite in a deal for Paul, but it’s extra important here if the Bucks want the Thunder to take on Middleton’s contract.

Eric Bledsoe has averaged more than 4.5 rebounds per game in back-to-back season. So the Bucks could go smaller, with him in more of a combo guard role, and try to move off Middleton (and his contract).

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