Bucks: 3 trade packages to bring Chris Paul to Milwaukee

It's a long way from rumors to reality, but here are 3 trade packages that could bring Chris Paul to the Milwaukee Bucks.

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When the Oklahoma City Thunder acquired Chris Paul from the Houston Rockets for Russell Westbrook, it seemed inevitable they would flip him. His age (35 now) and contract ($38.5 million this year, over $40 million the next two years) made Paul a poor fit for a franchise in transition.

The mutual decision for head coach Billy Donovan not to be back next season will push the Thunder toward their rebuild. Young talent and a bunch of draft picks puts them in a good position to execute a rebuild quickly. But there are natural lingering questions about Paul’s place in that equation, if he even has one.

The Milwaukee Bucks made an early exit from the playoffs, as the Miami Heat dismissed them 4-1 in the second round. The long-term future of Giannis Antetokounmpo is a big question, but the Bucks are set to stay the course and run it back next year. A move or two could be made, if only to shake things up a little.

Could the Bucks make a trade for Chris Paul? The $41.358 million he’s due next season, and a $44.2 million player option he’ll surely pick up for the following year, will make it a challenge.

But two credible reporters are pointing to the Bucks pursuing Paul this offseason. So let’s take some spins through the Trade Machine, and come up with three possible packages that could bring Paul to Milwaukee.


  1. the Bucks need to acquire Brandon England for Robert Williams Chris Paul and Bradley Beal these guys got money if you want to Championship you going to have to spend the money

    • The third one is the only one worth exploring. Bucks would be stupid to give up Middleton and a rising star in Divincezo for an aging Chris Paul

      • Yeah, all three are bad trades actually, even the third. Bledsoe and Hill aren’t so bad that you need Chris Paul who isn’t so good that he’ll win you a championship. Plus he’s old.

  2. That’s why the Bucks need Brandon England or Robert William from the Boston Celtics they even need a scoring big forward or they need another shot blocking score find forward inside Chris Paul and Bradley Beal would be perfect

  3. They need proving player like Chris paul. Who take pressure off Greek freak.Trade Middleton.keep Lopez

    • Literally, every single team would lose that trade except the Mavs. Simmons on the Bucks would be a horrible fit, as a Bucks fan I’d rather have George Hill. The 76ers do not want another aging player on a horrible contract, they’ve already got Horford and Harris eating half of their cap space, throw in Embiid and now Paul and they’ll have no money to fill the rest of their rotation. While Simmons is a bad fit on their team, his value alone is way higher than CP3’s on that abysmal contract. The 76ers are not giving up Simmons and Richardson for Paul, that’s a laughably bad trade for them. The Thunder already have SGA, Dort, and Schroeder in their backcourt and are looking to build towards the future and get younger. So, why would they add two veteran PG’s on bad contracts? Jazz essentially get nothing, although they’re not really giving up much either, so they might be the only team other than Dallas who would potentially be interested, but for them this is really just a pointless trade that doesn’t help them in any way.

  4. Why would the bucks ever get rid of Middleton or lopez they are the next 2 players behind giannis that are the glue to this team. Middleton literally averaged 40 / 50 /90 last season with lopez being a solid scorer and second in the league for blocks per game. Those are the 2 players they need to keep. Now a good trade would be Eric Bledsoe and Robin Lopez, a pick for Chris Paul who only has 2 years left at best.

    • I agree with you Middleton rebounds and score and solide def. Lopez is just a good fit. Trade three other players cp3

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