NBA: 5 teams who should already be thinking about a Buddy Hield trade

Pacers, Malcolm Brogdon
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

4. Indiana Pacers

The offseason could feature plenty of key changes to the Indiana Pacers’ roster. The firing of Nate McMillan was the start of a rebranding of style and with Victor Oladipo possibly on his way out and two starting quality centers, something has to give.

The bottom line for the Pacers is that they have a real need to add more perimeter shooting. You can count on one hand how many players averaged more shots from beyond the arc than Buddy Hield last season–managing to shoot 39.4% on 9.6 attempts per game.

Having T.J. Warren at the four spot full-time and adding a shooter of Buddy Hield’s caliber would elevate the Pacers’ offense in a needed way. Not having to wait for Victor Oladipo to find his rhythm would enable Indiana to establish an offensive identity and build on it throughout the season.

Whatever major changes the Pacers make this offseason must come using the trade market considering their restrictive cap situation. Considering their draft capital isn’t depleted and largely unappealing, the potential options diminish–making Hield a logical option.

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