NBA Free Agency 2020: 3 Early destinations for Goran Dragic

Three years ago, Goran Dragic made the first and only All-Star appearance of his 12-year career. The Dragon came into his own in Phoenix before spending the last five and a half seasons with the Miami Heat. However, the 34-year-old’s contract ends this offseason. Whenever Miami’s playoff run ends, so does Dragic’s time in South Beach.

The 2020 NBA offseason isn’t very flashy. The free agency pool is disappointing compared to the massive wave of stars who could hit the open market in 2021. However, several role players, including Dragic, could still elevate teams.

Even on the down side of his career, Dragic is a decent facilitator and reliable scorer. He won’t win a starting job on a competitive team, but the former second-round pick is already an established sixth man. Dragic only started three of his 59 regular season appearances this year. He averaged 5.1 assists and 16.2 points per game, and Dragic finished the year with 953 points and 301 assists.

Even some of the NBA’s best teams need a spark off the bench. Depending on how much money Dragic asks for, he could become a hot commodity this fall.