3 major ways Luka Doncic improved to enter the NBA’s MVP conversation

Luka Doncic, Mavericks, Mavs
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Isolation Scoring

If it wasn’t difficult enough to slow Luka Doncic down in pick-and-roll situations, defenses often have to try containing him in isolation after switching against ball screens. Many times, a miss-match will have to try holding his own in space only to end up looking foolish.

This is another area where Doncic’s output (1.033 PPP) as a scorer stacks up among the elite high-volume scorers. This is a true separating factor for the Mavericks because it makes their top scoring a genuine matchup nightmare, especially when factoring in the team’s floor spacing.

Doncic has a savvy ability to get by mismatches out in space and use jump stops and fakes near the paint to throw off the defender’s timing on the contest, in addition to finishing through contact. When coupled with an often neutralized help defense, he consistently capitalizes on the finish.

The scoring impact from inside the arc is impressive but can often be overlooked considering his ability to convert on tough off the dribble jumpers from deep. There are some nights when these shots are falling at a high-volume, making it daunting for the defense to try to overcome.

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