Ranking the New NBA City Edition Uniforms For This Season

1. Miami Heat

These uniforms are absolutely beautiful. When the Heat added pink to their City edition uniforms last season, they were some of the best in the league. This year, they kept the same design but changed the main jersey color from white to black and it’s gorgeous. With an accompanying alternate court to go with them, the Heat will boast the best individual uniforms in the league this season.

2. Denver Nuggets

The return of the beloved rainbow uniforms. The rainbow has always been the Nuggets most famous and best selling jersey across all eras, and Nike’s revitalization is the best yet. While capturing the Rocky Mountain view over the Denver skyline with the rainbow going through it, these jerseys are something to behold. These are the best uniforms the Denver Nuggets have ever worn, but there is one better.

3. Utah Jazz

These were my favorite last year, and they still rank very high this year. I am glad Nike decided to keep this uniform for Utah because it’s a work of art. The uniform captures the beautiful Utah sunset and shows off the true beauty of the small market city. Nike outdid themselves with these jerseys and they deserved another year due to how popular they were last year.

4. Oklahoma City Thunder

After a relatively bad City edition uniform set last season, the Thunder can be very happy with this year’s set. The uniforms honor the American Indian Nations in Oklahoma, and they are beautiful. The turquoise and orange colors work perfectly with the tribal design running across the front. The font for the “OKC” on them is unique itself and was even inspired by traditional a Native insignia.

5. Minnesota Timberwolves

There is so much to like about this uniform. The unique font, the bold purple-pink color, and Prince’s imprint all over it. The late great pop artist is from Minneapolis and was known for his flamboyant and colorful style while performing. It’s unclear if the Timberwolves will be performing with colorful style, though, too.

6. Toronto Raptors

This time a uniform went from black to white and I like it more, another very rare occurrence. This uniform is clean and properly reflects the Raptors being the league’s northernmost team. There is a maple leaf on the waist band too that symbolizes that this is Canada’s team, not just Toronto.

7. Brooklyn Nets

Nike took a chance with this jersey, and it paid off. Brooklyn has some nice uniforms even though they are pretty plain, but the City edition uniform brings out the multi-color camo print that runs along the side of the jerseys.  The inspiration? Notorious B.I.G, the late great rap icon from NYC. Nets fans should love these.

8. Portland Trail Blazers

Portland has a strong case for best overall uniform collection in all of the NBA. Their branding is great and the “Rip City” moniker has been a staple of their alternate uniforms for years now. The black top split with the grey bottom provides a nice color way for this particular set; much better than last year’s attempt to put plaid on a jersey.

9. Houston Rockets

Chinese culture is a very prominent part of Houston and they are the first to recognize that. Chinese lettering has been on the Rockets’ alternate uniforms for years now, but these are the best ones. This is the first time the Rockets did more of a crimson color rather than traditional cherry red, and the gold is a nice fit as a secondary color.

10. New York Knicks

I have long been a fan of the blue and orange checkerboard pattern and I am glad it is returning. The navy blue is a good alternate color for the Knicks and the font is bold. It’s a very aesthetically pleasing uniform symbolizing the boldness and diversity of NYC.

11. New Orleans Pelicans

Nike did much better on these uniforms than last year. Purple, green, and gold are the three biggest colors of Mardi Gras, and they are appropriately represented on the jersey. The only knock for me is that it looks too much like a soccer jersey design.

12. Cleveland Cavaliers

This uniform is cool and I wish LeBron James could have gotten the chance to wear it. Orange and blue are great colors and the font is unique. The jersey is influenced by the powers of Lake Erie and they come with a nice alternate court as well. The only thing I do not like is the jagged, sharp-looking transition from orange to blue.

13. Detroit Pistons

It is about time the Pistons got a black uniform. Detroit is nicknamed the “Motor City” and this has been on their alternate uniforms for a few seasons now. Detroit is as blue-collar as any city comes and loves their automobiles, reflected in the racing stripe pattern down the front. The racing stripe pattern is also where this jersey loses me from being ranked any higher.

14. Chicago Bulls

One of two uniforms to not feature either the city or team name, these uniforms have a cool design. I do not like the fact that there is no brand name on the jersey, but the other aspects are pretty. The four-star design reflects Chicago’s four star city flag. These jerseys are alright, but nothing special.

15. Golden State Warriors


Ever since the Warriors became the juggernaut they are, they have always featured an alternate jersey that has too much going on and seems to be overdone. These are no exception. The nod to the Chinese culture in San Francisco is nice, but everything else is less than desirable.

16. Boston Celtics

The Celtics branding is timeless and one that will never need to change. That being said, they never seem to be able to do much with their alternate jerseys. All feature the same relative design with different colors. These white uniforms with the gold hue around the letters and numbers is at least better than last years’ grey uniforms.

17. Philadelphia Sixers

I am a 76ers fan and I want to love this jersey but I just cannot. I like the circle of stars design implemented on the jersey, but I do not like the lack of a brand name, one of only two uniforms to feature this. Also, grey usually loses me every time. The ode to Rocky Balboa is fun, but it will look like a bunch of men running around in sweatsuits when they wear them for games.

18. Atlanta Hawks

These jerseys are pretty good for being plain. There is nothing wrong with this uniform just nothing flashy about it. The winged pattern on the side like a Hawk flying is unique and the gold print is cool. If the New Orleans Saints played basketball, this would be their uniform.

19. Los Angeles Clippers

This uniform confuses me a little bit. I feel like it has potential, but it looks like a children’s sports team uniform. I do not like the font or pattern of the “LA” in the slightest and that ruins the jersey for me from the start. The navy base color and stars on the side panel are a cool touch, but they also look reminiscent of the 76ers’ regular uniforms.

20. San Antonio Spurs

Another year, another year of the Spurs dawning a camouflage uniform. To me, it’s getting old, but what other organization is supposed to wear camo? San Antonio has a rich military history and to reflect the contributions of the armed forces is something to be proud about in wearing that jersey.

21. Washington Wizards

This is a rare time when I actually like a white uniform style more than a black one. The jersey design looked much better last year with the clean look that white jerseys have. I do like how the jersey says “The District of Columbia,” though, that was a fun touch from last year.

22. Memphis Grizzlies

Again, I am not too fond of the color gray as the base for a jersey. The yellow works decently off the gray with the Grizzlies’ patented navy blue on the side panels. The Grizzlies re-branded this past summer and introduced some slick new uniforms but sadly, these do not stack up.

23. Indiana Pacers

Maybe they’ll be the comfiest team in the NBA because it will literally look like the Pacers are wearing pajamas on the court. The nod to the rich racing history of Indianapolis is encapsulated, but the uniform is just plain ugly. Their City edition uniforms last year were so much better and these disappoint me.

24. Phoenix Suns

The Suns do a “Los Suns” uniform every year and it is getting old. Phoenix has a rich Spanish heritage and it deserves to be reflected, but “The Suns,” as The Ringer’s Paolo Uggetti touched on? Really? I love the color purple, I just hate how plain the uniform is. Moving on.

25. Los Angeles Lakers

PURPLE AND PINSTRIPES DO NOT MIX. I hate these uniforms. Not even LeBron James can make these even the slightest bit okay.

26. Orlando Magic

The Magic follow up their atrocious child designed cosmic uniform by doing the same thing but moving the cosmic design to the side panels. They look like they were made for a team who is perennially awful and needs to connect with younger generations to produce sales. Well, that is what they were made for.

27. Charlotte Hornets

The Hornets do a “Buzz City” alternate uniform every season. I used to love it because of how unique it was. Now, they make the smallest differences to the uniforms while keeping the rest relatively the same. Take a chance with a new concept, Hornets. This is old.

28. Sacramento Kings

Last year’s City edition uniform of the same color and design was so cool. What changed? The jersey now reads “Sac Town.” Nothing screams, “We are the NBA‘s most dysfunctional franchise and haven’t made the playoffs in 12 years,” like to be nicknamed that.

29. Milwaukee Bucks

This jersey deserves an ‘E’ for Effort… or Egregious. I love the Mecca court design, but this uniform is downright abysmal. Thank you, next.

30. Dallas Mavericks

I don’t know where to begin with this uniform. There are so many awful components to this jersey that it makes it impossible for me to sum it up, so I’ll leave it at that.