Phoenix Suns: 3 Reasons Why They Should Start Mikal Bridges

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Starting Bridges Would Allow the Suns to Trade Ariza

With the way that T.J. Warren has started the season, starting Mikal Bridges would remove the need to keep Trevor Ariza. Basically, Phoenix could roll with Bridges at the three and Warren at the four.

The Suns are unable to trade Ariza until January 15 and since he’s not a cancerous personality to the Sun’s locker room, keeping him at least until then instead of buying him out makes the most sense.

Keeping Ariza around until the trade deadline may even make the absolute most sense since his ‘3-and-D’ skill-set could help many winning teams. It’s important to get an asset in return for his departure if possible.

While the Suns’ most glaring need is a starting caliber point guard, it could be challenging to get one that is worthwhile acquiring when using Ariza in a trade. Focusing on adding a draft asset from a contender could the better choice.

If the goal is to acquire a starting caliber point guard, there are a few teams that would be worthwhile calling. Those teams include the Nets, Celtics, Cavaliers, Nuggets, Pacers, Clippers, Timberwolves, Kings, 76ers, or the Raptors.

That list of teams includes options that have a better point guard option than the Suns that could use a ‘3-and-D’ wing player like Ariza to at least some extent. The point of the matter is to show that there are options.

The teams that need a better wing defender, more shooting, or both are going to increasingly realize that they can’t solve their problems with the personnel thatt they have on their roster. There are many potential teams that match this description.

The bottom line for this current Suns administration is that they have no reason to be loyal to Ariza. Ryan McDonaugh technically signed him so deciding to go in a different direction wouldn’t appear to be unreasonable for James Jones.

Phoenix doesn’t even have to trade Ariza if they don’t want to either. At the very least, it’s important that Bridges receives a substantial boost in playing time whether he starts or not. There is still value that Ariza could bring to the table. Giving more opportunity to Bridges just makes it easier to move Ariza.

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