Sacramento Kings: 3 Reasons Buddy Hield Has Broken Out in 2018-19

The Sacramento Kings are off to a nice start to the 2018-19 season. They have started the year at 7-5, and have had success at turning up the pace. Sacramento was last in pace last season, and that resulted in them being second-last in the NBA in offensive rating, per This year, the Kings have flipped the switch, as they are first in pace and are now a solid 13th in the league in offensive rating. One of the key contributors for the Kings has been Buddy Hield, who is having a breakout season in “Sac Town.” He’s posted 19.7 points (which would be a career-high), 6.0 rebounds and 2.7 assists in 31.9 minutes per game.

Hield is leading the Kings in scoring and three-pointers made per game (with 2.5). With him and second-year point guard De’Aaron Fox, Sacramento has had a heck of a one-two punch in the starting backcourt thus far. Hield has been getting a number of opportunities in every game in early-clock scenarios, and that’s suited him very well. Fox is getting him the ball on time, especially in transition, and that’s been huge for the Kings’ offense. Him simply getting more chances to score has been instrumental in his development this year, and it’s the first reason why he’s broken out in 2018-19.

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