Cleveland Cavaliers: Five Teams That Should Trade for Kevin Love

With the recent firing of head coach Tyronn Lue after an 0-6 start, the expectation for the Cleveland Cavaliers is that they will go into a full youth movement as they try to develop their young players and try and get a better shot at the number one pick by tanking. The Cavaliers owe the Atlanta Hawks their first-round pick if it is outside the top 10, so the incentive to tank is increased even more. It is crazy that we have gotten to this point already after they made it to four straight NBA Finals, but that is what happens when you lose LeBron James.Even though he signed a massive four-year extension in the offseason, another expectation is that the Cavaliers will now look to deal Kevin Love.

This is no surprise as the extension that Kevin Love signed was viewed as a way to improve his trade value so that teams are more incentivized to give up assets in a potential trade if things went south for the Cavaliers like they have this season.

It is similar to what happened with Blake Griffin last season when he was dealt to the Detroit Pistons after signing a five-year, $175 million contract in the offseason. The Pistons wanted a star and they were willing to give up more because they would not have to worry about Griffin leaving anytime soon. The fact that Kevin Love is locked up long-term will now open up the potential suitors to more small market teams because they won’t have to worry about him leaving.

With all that being said, here are five potential destinations as well as potential deals for Kevin Love.

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