Phoenix Suns: 3 Reasons Why the Development of Josh Jackson is Crucial

Devin Booker, Josh Jackson, Phoenix Suns, NBA
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3. The Suns Need More Starpower to Compete

It’s not easy to win in the loaded Western Conference and LeBron James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers certainly did not help. When you go down the list of teams that are competing for a playoff spot, it’s not common to find a team that doesn’t have multiple star players on their team.

The Phoenix Suns don’t have the luxury of star power at the moment. They currently have Devin Booker and while he has a very bright future ahead of himself, he hasn’t managed to earn an NBA All-Star appearance quite yet, so there is room for growth in the production from the top of the team but certainly around him too.

Outside of Booker, they received a solid season from T.J. Warren last year and Josh Jackson finished the back half of the year strong, but they need more. Deandre Ayton is certainly going to improve their team but it’s always tough to rely on a rookie, no matter how high they were picked in the draft, to come in right away and comfortably be a net positive.

I believe that Booker can grow into being a special player and Ayton does look like he can be quite impactful too, but they need a third player to enter that conversation. Josh Jackson seems to be a strong candidate for that considering his high potential and that wing players are especially valuable in today’s game.

The Suns will likely have another great draft pick during the upcoming NBA Draft and that could certainly help, but having Jackson develop and getting another talented prospect in addition to Ayton could be huge. Being able to add Booker, Ayton, Jackson, Bridges, and another highly talented prospect and having cap space to use next summer sounds like a good plan.

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