Sacramento Kings: Reasonable Improvements De’Aaron Fox Can Make in 2018-19

De'Aaron Fox, NBA, Sacramento Kings
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Embrace the Roll Man

To say Fox struggled as a pick-and-roll ball handler as a rookie would be an understatement. He generated a paltry .70 points per possession in those sets, which earned him a spot in the 27.4 percentile of qualified players. Even a modest improvement to his efficiency as a pick-and-roll ball handler would boost his statistics across the board.

A jump in this area won’t come overnight. The pick-and-roll is dictated by feel, comfort, and experience. If the game begins to slow down for the second-year guard, his numbers will increase organically. Outside of general development, Bagley and Giles will also help Fox in this department. Limiting mistakes, finding the open man, and embracing ball-handling duties will translate to big things for the young trio.

Outside of the roll men, the Kings must do a better job of spacing the floor. If Sacramento’s perimeter shooters improve, Fox will feast inside the open space created. Justin Jackson has committed to improving his three-point shot this summer, and Buddy Hield had success from beyond the arc in his first full season with the Kings. If those two join Bogdan Bogdanovic as legitimate outside threats, Fox’s numbers will increase.

Fox’s own outside shooting development will also be a significant factor in his hopes of becoming a dangerous pick and roll threat. Earning the defense’s respect from beyond the arc will force opponents to guard Fox as a real two-way threat.

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